Did you hear what happened in 2012? Where were you?

In London’s urban hotspots, a new movement started to grab attention. From the graffiti-covered alleyways in Waterloo to eclectic Shoreditch, Camden’s alternative scene and Portobello Road’s candy-coloured terraced houses, people could feel a change coming. When it arrived, it shook up everything we all thought we knew about being a real individual.

It’s not a fad. It’s not a phase. That fresh new wave is none other than Urban Junk. The typical bag is usually linked to other words that start with ‘b’. Bulky. Boring. Bothersome. Blah. Not this lot. These bold, bright new arrivals are far from ordinary. When an Urban Junk backpack or flight bag slides over your shoulder, it latches onto your inner sense of style and it doesn’t let go. This is not an accessory or an afterthought – it’s got a life of its own. And that spirit is infectious. It mixes an unusual strain of dynamic DNA with your tastes, loves, hopes and dreams to make something unique. You’ll feel it instantly.

The attention to detail in all Urban Junk bags shines through upside down, backwards and sideways. Even in the craziest designs, there’s never a line or a zip out of place. Pick one up and feel the care that’s gone into bringing it together and into the world.

Every character’s got heaps of charm and personality down to the last stitch. They’ve been made with plenty of love - and the freedom to be just who they are. Get hooked on Pow’s explosive attractiveness, Phat Mac’s yumminess and the sugar rush of Hello Shweety, or any one of these bold new adventurers.